Hair Transplant

hair_trans1 hair_trans2(Hair Transplant)Follicular Hair Grafting

As mole Pattern boldness has became very common even without any disease. It is increasing in younger people less than 30 years of age. So removing a strip of hair with skin from back of Scalp & Separating it into multiple sleevers & than into single hair/ 2 hair follicle & under magnification. Trance planting in to bold areas gives excellent long lasting result. At a time 1000-1500 follicle can be grafted.

6-8 hours

Local with Intravenous Sedation.

Over Night/ One Day.

Moving around: once out of O.R
Return to work: 3-4 days
Hair growth after 3-6 months with regular medical Rx.

Duration of Result:

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