Laser Repigmentation of Vitiligo

Epithelium is removed by lasers & Ultra thin epithelial graft kept over it which allow melanocytes to get incorporated during reepithelization. The epidermis of graft actually peels off at two weeks. Epithelial grafts of>0.25 mm were kept over the deepithelised areas and fixed at the edges with the help of buta-acylate gule. Except the limbs and joints, dressings are not applied only ointment is used locally to cover the operated area.

45 min to 4 hrs. Depending upon the area to be done.

Propofol & fentanyl anaesthesia/ general anaesthesia

After Effect:
Mild discomfort can be there for 4 hours. If the area around eyes than some swelling for 48 hrs which is going to subside completely in a week time.

Small skip areas may be left out which needs attention at 6 months this happens in only 2-3% of patients. Donor area with nice pigmentation. Now a days we have the facility to culture the melanocytes too, so no need to take large sheet for big area(does not work for perioral areas)

Wearing of splints if the area is over the joints or around joints
Moving around, once out of anaesthesia
Return to work: two days later or if area is on lower limb than 2 weeks.

Duration of Results:

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